Datasheen RL01DC Rack Cabinet RFID Lock

Datasheen offers a simple modular solution to cabinet access control utilising leading edge proximity card technology. Fully compatible with the Access Cabinet range RL01DC can be supplied as either a factory or retrofit option.
As a stand alone solution RL01DC can be configured in a matter of minutes to provide configurable access control;

1. Simply plug the Locking handle into its multi regional universal power supply
2. Then using the system administrator program card you can program in up to 200 users cards per handle.(The Card contains one system administrator program card together with three user and user delete cards - additional available card).
3. Add or delete user cards using administrator program card as required.

RL01DC can also be designed into other bespoke applications and is compatible with a nun cabinet products.

RL01DC is designed for indoor applications.


Datasheen RL01DC Rack Cabinet RFID Lock Specifications

  • Integrated Proximity Access Locking Handle
  • Proactive Control
  • Local Management
  • Easy Configuration
  • Retrofit-able
  • RF-ID Card Frequency: 125KHZ


Main Packing List for RL01DC

  1. RFID Lock
  2. User Card
  3. Management Card
  4. Master Card
  5. Instruction Book