How much weightcana Datasheen Rack takes?

How much weightcana Datasheen Rack takes?

Everyday network device sales experts are facing with questions like” how much weight can your rack take?”

And this means that your customers are worried about if your Rack is able to take as much weight as other brands.

Of course it is an important question!And it gets more important especially when network managers sometimes experiencethat the racks bended after awhile.Thanks to the ample weight capacity of Rackmont devices while theyappreared so firm and stable. But what the managers can do when the racks are bended? The only solution is to change that bended racks. But how to change it?which brand they should be replaced? What are the features of a firm and secured rack? How to avoid falling into the traps with cheap selling tricks?

This article is about Datasheen server Racks,

Parts of a Datasheen Rack are not welded so when the datacenter room entry is not wide enough to pass the rack you can easily unwind its pieces and re-assemble it again.

Datasheen is exported in separated pieces and will be assembled easily in your country.

Themainframes of Datasheenracks are twined to each otherwith 8screws. Theproperty of Datasheen racks is common as in large companies, like HP. There isa very highprecisioninthe manufacturing of Datasheenrackpartswhich made them fullyequivalent toeach other in any size.Visiting datacenters with Datasheen Rack, you will notice their symmetric size.

Need not to mention that Datasheen racks have such a symmetric size and manufacturedwith bettertechnology than those which weld parts to each other, though unfortunately some advertisements are against it and are protecting welding method.

The other important point is about the misunderstanding of the relationship between the thickness of the sheet and rack’s stability. Some brands say that the thicker the sheets, more weight will be taken.

It seems like that you make a house with aluminum foundation and thick walls and expect it to be firm and safe.

The above picture is showing one of Datasheen racks which is filled with lots of 2Kilo scales, and after passing many years it is still standing straight and steady. The side panels are removed to show the inside clearly.

It is because of super firm frames and accuracy in manufacturing, Datasheen rack can take 500 kilos weight.