What kind of mother boards can be installed in Datasheen Rackmount cases?

What kind of mother boards can be installed in Datasheen Rackmount cases?

This is a question raised up by those who are going to buy Datasheen racks. They want to know if there is any restriction in using rackmount cases and datasheen racks. And the answer is NO. No restriction.

Fist of all let’s briefly tell you

what is a Rackmount case?The following picture is a rackmount case.

Rackmount is a case made according to all required technical standards of Rack. Rackmount devices can be assembled in all standard racks. Rackmount cases are just like desktop ones. But desktop cases are put vertically and rackmount ones are installed horizontally in a rack. A desktop case is serving your general taskswhile a rackmountis performing a server task. Common devices of Pcs can be used and installed in a rackmount case too such as hard dick, power, CD Rom, DVD Rom, CPU and motherboard.

In the following pictures side panel is removed and showing a case sliding out of a rack.

One of the most important advantages of rackmount cases is that they move easily on rails. This helps you while locating server problems and also improving your operation.

Getting back to the question regarding the types of motherboards that can be installed in DatasheenRackmount cases, here is the basic structure and dimensions of the device. A rackmountis a 4-unit case. It is about 170 to 180mm and it means that all motherboards, fans and other devices with this height can be installed in it.

In a highly advanced technological environment, motherboards are in different standards according to their usage and features: mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX , EATX and etc.…

ATX mother boards are 12× 9.6 Inch.( each inch is about 2.54 mm)

Datasheenrackmount case can accommodate ATX and it also supports smaller ones like( Micro-ATX and Mini ITX)

Motherboards bigger that ATX standard can not be used in Datasheenrackmount cases, for example, EATX motherboards with more depth (330mm) can not be used in ATX cases with 244mm depth.

The following picture is showing the interior of a case from top view.

Common powers which can be used in Datasheenrackmount cases: ordinary power size is 86 × 140× 150 mm. According to their potency, the powers can be in 160mm,180mm or even 200mm depth.In these cases, there will be a smaller space for cables and pressure will be resulted.

The following picture is a ATX power.