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How should we open the door of rack when its lock battery is over?

Even the battery of Datasheen digital locks will be over, what should we do in this situation? Although you are being informed in advance (when you place the User card on, there will be 4 beep sound, di dididi, which means that the old batteries are weak and you should change them with new ones), but you should know what to do.


What kind of mother boards can be installed in Datasheen Rackmount cases?

This is a question raised up by those who are going to buy Datasheen racks. They want to know if there is any restriction in using rackmount cases and datasheen racks. And the answer is NO. No restriction.

Fist of all let’s briefly tell you


How much weightcana Datasheen Rack takes?

Everyday network device sales experts are facing with questions like” how much weight can your rack take?”

And this means that your customers are worried about if your Rack is able to take as much weight as other brands.